• Support of multilingual content. • Support of multiple content types (e.g., text, audio, images, video, animation, VR). • User-generated content. • Structured storage of learning materials. • Course creation tools. • Learning content search by titles, metadata and full-text

Online Study

• Multi-device access for learners, trainers and managers. • Learner self-registration via online admission forms. • Learners’ profiles with contact data, information about courses, exams, certificates, and more. • Online assignments for learners.

Community Support

• AI-driven personalized learning paths. • Learner performance assessment (e.g., tests, quizzes, exams). • Managing electronic certificates on course completion.

Responsive Design

• AI-based content recommendations and tips for learners. • Learning history and progress. • Learners' feedback gathering. • Dashboards on learning content usage, portal usage, time spent on courses, learners’ performance and satisfaction, and more for trainers and managers

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